fast internet speeds; fast internet

Fast Internet For Your Home

Life is better with Buckeye - forget about buffering delays when joining work meetings when you switch to Ultimate Internet, an excellent choice for those working from home.

Ultimate Internet doubles the download speed of Essential Internet and allows your house to connect more devices.


Ultimate Internet Features

fast internet speeds; fast internet

Up To 8 Devices

Connect up to 8 devices simultaneously. Stream TV shows, light gaming, and the latest social media all at the same time.

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Stream On

We all want to watch something at the same time. Ultimate Internet supports your family's streaming habits.

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Remote Work/School

Now more than ever, we've learned the importance of being ready to work from home or online school.

Add Our Fiber Package

Available in Buckeye Fiber areas customers can add Unlimited Data, SmartNet, and symmetrical upload and download speeds to most Internet packages.


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Unlimited Data

No worries! Unlimited Data can be added to our Ultimate Internet service. Learn more, download more, and worry less with Buckeye's Unlimited Data.

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Take charge of your WiFi by with SmartNet. Set schedules, creating profiles, pause access, sharing your network with your guests, and more!

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symmetric internet, symmetrical, symmetrical speeds


Symmetrical upload and download Internet speeds allow for a better user experience. Simultaneously upload and download large files like HD video chatting from multiple devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • According to the FCC, a good Internet speed is 25 Mbps so Internet download speeds of 200 Mbps download or higher are fast Internet speeds. With our Ultimate Internet package, you can forget buffering and connect more devices with its fast, reliable speeds.

  • The Ultimate Internet package is available for those needing fast Internet. The package supports the entire family’s needs. With 400 Mbps working from home, remote schooling, and all your streaming habits will be covered.