internet speed for streaming, internet for gaming

Internet For Gaming and Work From Home

Have a house full of Internet power users? Supreme Internet delivers much more with a whopping 600 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speeds available to connect up to a dozen different devices.


Supreme Internet Features

internet speed for streaming, internet for gaming

Up To 12 Devices

Connect up to 12 devices simultaneously. Rule the latest online games while your family streams in 4K.

internet for gaming, speed internet

Online Gaming

Take your squad to the next level with Internet built for online gaming without delays or buffering.

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Video Conferencing

Crush that presentation while working from home. Look no further with the Supreme Internet downloading at 600 Mbps.

Add Our Fiber Package

Available in Buckeye Fiber areas customers can add Unlimited Data, SmartNet, and symmetrical upload and download speeds to most Internet packages.


unlimited data

Unlimited Data

No worries! Unlimited Data is included with Supreme Internet service to keep your home surfing, streaming, gaming, and working.

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Take charge of your WiFi with SmartNet. Set schedules, creating profiles, pause Internet access, sharing your network with your guests, and more!

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symmetric internet, symmetrical, symmetrical speeds


Symmetrical upload and download Internet speeds allow for a better user experience. Simultaneously upload and download large files like HD video chatting from multiple devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions