Premium Entertainment

Premium Entertainment

We provide you with some of the best premium movie channel options for your viewing pleasure. Remember, you get more channels of the premium services you love with digital cable TV service -- for the same price!

Channel Options

HBO® / Cinemax®
Includes 20 digital channels of HBO and Cinemax

Showtime / The Movie Channel / Flix
Includes 19 digital channels of Showtime and TMC

Starz / Encore / Indieplex/ Retroplex
Includes 16 digital channels

Includes 4 digital channels

More Movies

MoviePlex features films released between the 70s and the 2000s. IndiePlex focuses on domestic and foreign independent films, and arthouse releases. RetroPlex is dedicated to showcasing classic movies released between the 30s to the 80s. Both IndiePlex and RetroPlex are available for $1/mo. and as part of the Starz/Encore package. MoviePlex is part of Digital service.

Love Big Movies?

Get EPIX on Buckeye Broadband!

A joint venture between Viacom Inc., its Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate and MGM, the premium movie and original programming channel delivers a powerful entertainment experience with the latest movie releases, classic film franchises, original documentaries, and comedy & music events on TV, on-demand, online and on devices.

EPIX subscribers get access to the best movies and entertainment when they want, wherever they want all for $5/mo.

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