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Fiber Internet 1 Gig

Connect twenty or more devices to our Fiber Internet platform giving them lightning-fast speeds on the newest, fastest, and most dependable Internet technology. Available with symmetrical upload and download at gig speeds with Unlimited Data.


Fiber Internet Features

fiber internet, gig, fiber internet near me, gig internet

Up To 20+ Devices

Connect 20+ devices simultaneously with Fiber To The Home technology. Do it all with no lag or buffering.

fiber internet, gig internet, fiber internet near me

Symmetric Speeds

Gig Internet is available with the same upload and download speeds up to 1000 Mbps.

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Everything You Need

The fastest Internet speed needs the best WiFi experience. Buckeye Fiber Internet service includes Unlimited Data, and you can add SmartNet.

Interested in Buckeye Fiber Internet Service?

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Fiber Internet availability is limited, but expanding rapidly to cover more areas.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fiber Internet uses fiber optic cables made of thin glass strands to deliver Internet directly to you. It provides better data transmission over long distances, carries more bandwidth than copper cables, and is immune to signal interference. Learn more.

  • Currently, our Fiber Internet is available in several areas including sections of Whitehouse, Sylvania, Bowling Green, Monclova, Waterville, and Toledo. We are committed to the Toledo, SE Michigan, and Sandusky areas and will continue to rebuild and expand our Fiber Internet locations until our entire footprint is complete.

  • With Symmetrical upload and download speeds, our Fiber Internet package is great for gaming. With 1000 Mbps, our gig Internet service can support streaming games online and all the updates and game downloads you need.