ExpressTV Puts It All Together

The entertainment landscape is more fractured than ever. In fact, the TV is no longer reserved for just TV anymore; streaming content is arguably just as important. Only TiVo connects all the dots in a way that’s seamless, searchable and hassle-free.


Access live TV, DVR recordings and premium streaming entertainment through one easy-to-use interface.

ExpressTV powered by TiVo lets you search for the shows and movies you want to watch all in one place.


A new era in TV entertainment… on up to 6 TVs!

A new era in TV entertainment… on up to 6 TVs!

  • Download the TiVo App* and set recordings or browse programming schedules on the fly!  You can also set recordings or browse programming from your computer’s browser. 
  • Connect up to 6 TVs in your home and enjoy your content no matter what room you’re in!  Record up to 6 shows at once and up to 150 HD hours. 
  • Start watching On Demand content on one TV, then pause and finish watching in another room – right where you left off! And with ExpressTV powered by TiVo, you can watch any recorded show on any TV regardless of where you clicked record. 


*The TiVo App is a third party application not supported and/or serviced by Buckeye Broadband or its subsidiaries.
For any issues regarding the application please contact the developer.

TiVo OnePass lets you track down every episode of a show – no matter where it comes from.

TiVo OnePass lets you track down every episode of a show – no matter where it comes from.

Find every episode – no matter where it happens to be.  With TiVo OnePassTM, there’s virtually no show or episode you can’t start enjoying in a moment’s notice.  

That’s because only TiVo tracks down every episode of a show you want to watch and saves it for whenever you’re ready.  If it’s not available on TV, TiVo fills in the gaps with episodes from your On Demand library and streaming services like Hulu.  

Then OnePass organizes it all into a customizable playlist for your viewing pleasure.  So when you’re ready to binge, TiVo has it all lined up for you.

Express TV Videos

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