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Every component of the eero system uses best-in-class encryption and security protocols to keep your network and data secure.



eero systems are designed to support dozens — even hundreds — of connected devices. See which devices are connected to your network and check their data usage, in real time.



With WiFi parental controls, you can set schedules, create profiles for your kids’ devices, or just shut the whole thing down if you want to go completely off the grid.



Included with your SmartNet services is 24/7 Brainiac service and remote support to support your connect devices.

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SmartNet Support

Searching for additional assistance or articles to discover more about your SmartNet device? Visit our SmartNet Support pages for information on running speed tests, creating QR codes for guest networks, and more. Or check below for blog articles and FAQs on SmartNet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, a modem is needed. SmartNet is an advanced wireless router, not a modem. While the modem provides you with Internet service, Smartnet provides a strong signal throughout your home and allows you to control your WiFi and WiFi-enabled devices.

    Need a modem? Visit our modems page!

  • Controlling your SmartNet is easy with the SmartNet app. Download on the Google Play Store (Andriod) or App Store (Apple) to start protecting, managing, and controlling your WiFi.

    Already have the app? Visit our support pages for app assistance.

  • The material of your home walls and the distance between your devices and router can lead to poor connections or “wifi dead zones” in certain spots of your home. If your WIFi signal struggles to reach certain rooms - a WiFi extender might be the solution.

    SmartNet's mesh technology uses Beacons instead of WiFi extender's. One or several SmartNet Beacons can be added to increase the range of your WiFi allowing you to have a strong secure signal in every corner of your home.

  • Yes! The larger the home, the more beneficial it is to have more SmartNet devices. You can have up to 6 eero devices in your home, but don’t worry about choosing the amount, our technology professionals will find the perfect amount for your home.

  • Our SmartNet system uses the best encryption and security protocols to ensure your network and data are secure. Our Mesh Whole-Home Network does the same thing as a WiFi extender, but better, so you can experience a faster connection while keeping your data safe.

  • Whole-Home WiFi or Mesh WiFi uses intelligent routing to extend your connection to all areas of your house. Using a eero router connected to your modem, and 1 or more eero beacons placed around the home, your wireless connection is able to reach every room.