Affordable Ways to Conquer, Control & Better Understand Today's Top Technology

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Given all of today's modern technology and its exponential growth, it all has many of us scratching our heads. While it's fair to say current high-tech has made our lives easier, it has also become much more complicated trying to understand all of it at the same time. Often, older, more seasoned users are reaching out to their younger children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews with assistance in operating gadgets, apps, smartphones, and more. 

Regardless of anyone's age, experience, or education, there's still tons of new technology bombarding us daily, and it's tough to digest as it keeps evolving, updating, and changing daily. Luckily, there are plenty of ways we can crack the high-tech code using some (or all) of these options. All but one of these choices are available at no charge to consumers and the one that does come with a price tag is very affordable. So without any further ado, let's get started:

Blog & Podcast

Be sure to check out our blog regularly because it often features topics that are directly (or indirectly) related to today's top technology. On a similar note, the Living Local Toledo podcast also offers blasts about the hottest high-tech trends coming from a team of professional gal pals in Ohio. This pair of modern Midwestern locals have their fingers placed firmly on the pulse about what's going on all around the world and on the other side of town.

Control & Conquer

Get blanket coverage and control with SmartNet using today's top-of-the-line eero technology with plans starting at just $15 a month. So, exactly what does fifty-cents-a-day buy for users of this cyber-service? More than you might imagine when you consider it offers almost everything you could think of from parental controls to superior security, encryption measures, and more. Users are also able to monitor devices including denying and delivering access to those wishing to get connected onto your internet, network, and other services.

Videos & Workshops

Be sure to follow us on Facebook to learn more about upcoming workshops with a high-tech twist. Along with times and dates for these helpful virtual learning platforms, followers on FB will also stay connected with information about what's new, trending, changing, and evolving with all of today's technology. When it comes to digesting all this often confusing data, visit our support page for specific information about certain topics including:

  • Cable Connection Queries & Other Conundrums: Don't get frustrated when you have common questions when it comes to your cable connection(s) and capabilities. Uncover the answers about using multiple streaming services, creating a TiVo OnePass, and more. 
  • Internet Activities & Network Dilemmas: Forget your network name and password? No problem! Similar to resetting a modem, router, or other device, answers are available online and these actions only take a few minutes.
  • Perusing and Reviewing FAQ Pages: Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) pages are a popular way to uncover and discover solutions to issues, concerns, additional information, and answers to queries about common topics.

These types of platforms are almost always a venue where users will find answers to other questions they didn't even know they had in the first place. In other words, similar to surfing the web, it's an interesting and fun way to learn more about technology without really trying or working very hard. Think about spending some time using these resources that are free of charge for users. 

Contact & Visit 

Remember, you can always choose your muse in the form of customer service when it comes to connecting with assistance.  Feel free in reaching out to Buckeye Broadband directly by either calling one of our many locations, shooting us an email or scheduling a visit with a member of our Brainiac team. We're always here for you and looking forward to hearing from you today. 

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