5 Tips To Stop Your Phone and Laptop From Overheating

photo of a woman stressed out looking at her laptop overheating

Have you ever asked yourself, “why is my phone hot?” or “why is my laptop overheating?” Trust us when we say you are not the first and will not be the last. Overheating slows down device performance and can be very frustrating. Luckily there are methods to prevent this from happening. Below are 5 tips on how to prevent and stop device overheating.

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

This tip is the easiest way to prevent overheating. Keeping your laptop or phone out of the sun will prevent heat and light from becoming trapped in it. The longer it is in direct light, the hotter it will be. 

2. Remove Your Case

Your devices try their best to transfer and remove heat, but cases can trap the heat emitted from the device, preventing it from cooling. We aren’t suggesting going out without protecting your phone because a hot device is better than a broken one, but if you sense your phone or laptop is overheating, remove the case for a bit to help it cool down more quickly.

3. Close Unnecessary Browser Tabs And Apps

When you have multiple apps or web browser tabs open at the same time, your devices are working in overdrive. Apps regularly refresh to check for notifications, so your device is not only overheating, but you are actively using up your mobile data. If you don’t have unlimited data, using this tip will help save your storage and keep your device cool. 

4. Clean and Dust Vents

This tip is laptop specific. As time passes, dust and dirt build-up in the device’s ventilation ducts which reduces airflow and causes overheating. Physically cleaning your device will help it stay cool and keep it running properly. For instructions on how to clean your device, we recommend visiting the brand’s website or YouTube to ensure detailed and personalized assistance.

5. Get Rid Of Excess Files

Over time, it’s understandable that your folders would fill with files, photos, and duplicates. Unfortunately, having excess files and cookies on your devices forces them to work harder to retrieve data and causes overheating. Cleaning up your laptop or phone can help prevent this from happening! Don’t know where to start? Check out Buckeye Broadband’s Digital Declutter blog for tips on how to organize your online space.

With all this in mind, sometimes your device will get warm, and that is okay. Older devices getting hotter faster and heat from taking longer videos are examples of normal reasons for an increase in temperature. Do not worry too much if the device is a little warm. Still, we hope you keep these tips in mind if you notice your phone or laptop is getting too hot and slowing down in performance. 

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