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No Credit Check

Don't let bad credit stop you from streaming!  Since it's prepaid, Nymble doesnt need to check your credit. Each month you pay for what you use. It's that simple!

no contract internet

No Contracts

Long contracts that lock you into pricing for years are a drag! Nymble let's you go month-to-month. 

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No Monthly Bills

Only need internet every other month? No Problem. Nymble let's you pay whenever you need internet. Sparing you from that dreaded day of the month when your internet bill is due. 

Nymble is the Right Choice!

If you enjoy the freedom of paying for internet when you need it, then Nymble is the right choice. You can choose the plan that fits your monthly data needs.

Starting at $19.99 per month for data, Nymble Prepaid has a price that fits your streaming lifestyle.

How Do I Get Nymble?

You can purchase a Nymble Starter Kit that includes a modem and data online or by visiting a Buckeye Broadband retail location. Find a Buckeye Store near you.

Current Nymble Customer

Already have a Nymble Starter Kit and would like to add more service? Nymble has 6 different data packages to choose from: Prepaid 50, Prepaid 75, Prepaid 100, Prepaid 250, Prepaid 500, and Prepaid Unlimited.

Nymble Frequently Asked Questions

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