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Buckeye Broadband delivers the fastest and most reliable high-speed Fiber Internet available in NW Ohio, SE Michigan, and Sandusky areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Buckeye Broadband is a leading Internet provider in the NW Ohio and SE Michigan area offering speeds up to 10 Gig Fiber Internet. If you are looking for the best Internet connection in your area, reach out to our support team through our packages form, or call your nearest Brainiacs Tech Hub, to discover what Internet speeds are available in your area.

  • The Internet speed you need depends on your specific household. From the number of people and devices in your home to the type of connections you use (streaming videos and gaming vs. checking your emails), many factors influence your Internet. Check out our blog for content on determining what speed you need, or reach out to your nearest Brainiac Tech Hub for additional support. 

  • If you are searching "Fiber Internet near me" look no further. Buckeye Broadband is constantly expanding its footprint to bring customers the fastest Internet speeds available. Visit our Fiber package page, scroll down, and fill out our Fiber form to discover if Buckeye Fiber is available for your home!