How TV helps in waiting rooms – entertainment to relax!

We all have had our fair share of waiting in a lobby for our next doctor appointment or waiting for your car at a mechanic. It’s something we expect in certain situations. But just because we expect it, it doesn’t make it any more pleasant! A waiting room should help the time pass quicker and this can be done with pleasing décor, comfortable temperature, and engaging entertainment.

Why TV in the waiting room?

If your office may cause anxiety for your patients, whether it’s for a doctor’s appointment or therapy, TV can help with a familiarity and a distraction that can put your clients or customers at ease.

Television also engages your sight and hearing, which can also help the time pass quicker than it may with silence. This can be especially helpful for those days when back-to-back appointments may run over and you are a little behind schedule!

If your waiting room is occupied with the TV, they won’t be asking your front desk about the wait. It can help improve your employees workflow by not being interrupted with questions and can accomplish more in between check-ins.

Keep it kid-friendly!

I have had my fair share of uncomfortable lobbies and waiting rooms – especially those that may be airing something that makes me glance around and survey the room. If there are children present, I usually shake my head and silently question the programming choice for such a public forum.

Even if children are not present, it is important to keep your waiting room a pleasant place! Today’s TV is full of content that many people may find offensive, unsavory, or just uncomfortable at its core. If you do frequently have children in the waiting room, consider keeping the programming on a kid-friendly station such as Nickelodeon or Disney. If your clients are adults, it still may be best to choose something that is neutral; even local news can make your customers uncomfortable if it touches on political affiliation or personal views.

Not sure where to start? Well, something like Animal Planet or TV Land will help appease many different generations and keep your clients occupied while they wait. Another popular station that can fit these recommendations is HGTV. It would be rare to find any programming that is unsuitable for a wide audience on these channels. Thankfully, these channels are all offered in the Popular Standard package available with Buckeye Broadband Business Class. Give us a call to get a quote today at 419.725.9000 or let us call you by requesting a quote here: Get a Quote


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