The Company You Keep Matters: Why Doing Business with Trusted Companies Is Vital

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In a marketplace flooded with options, customers are seeking more than just products or services- they demand authenticity and trust. Currently, the spotlight is on companies that not only excel in their products, but are value-forward, transparent, and give back to the community. The importance of working with trusted companies takes on an added prominence when you consider the growing trend of businesses that prioritize social responsibility.

What Are Customers Looking For From Businesses?

Transparency, coupled with a commitment to giving back, has become a powerful combination. Customers are not just looking for quality- they are drawn to companies that actively contribute to causes. Value-forward businesses extend their commitment beyond customer satisfaction. They prioritize initiatives that contribute to the greater good, whether it's community development or charitable giving.

Collaborating with such companies not only supports your business goals but also allows you to be part of a positive force for change. Clients and customers want to feel secure in their choices, knowing they are dealing with companies that uphold the highest standards.

Why Does the Company Your Company Keeps Matter?

In the era of conscious consumerism, where customers resonate with businesses that share their values and care for the community, choosing to work with companies that give back adds a layer of fulfillment to the business relationship. As you navigate through potential partnerships, consider the ripple effect your choices can have on the well-being of communities and the lasting impression they leave on your brand.

Collaborating with a trusted company means more than just a transaction- it's a partnership built on integrity. This strong foundation extends to customer loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and a favorable reputation. As you navigate the vast landscape of opportunities, consider the long-term impact of choosing partners who share your commitment to building a trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationship.

So What Does Buckeye Broadband Do For the Community?

Investing in Internet

Buckeye Broadband gives back in more ways than one. First, Buckeye invests a lot into the community to help with bridging the digital divide to make Internet access more accessible. This includes laying down Fiber so community members can get the best speeds around and having programs to help students and families get Internet access from FreeNet to ACP.

Donating and Working in the Community

Unrelated to Internet, Buckeye Broadband works hard to assist local businesses and charities. Buckeye believes in the power of giving back and serving the communities that make up our customer and employee base.

Employees are given funds and hours off so that they may support charities of their choice. In addition, Buckeye hosts events at its headquarters location such as charity walks, packing meals, building playhouses for Habitat for Humanity, and so much more. The Buckeye team prides itself on being a value-forward and community-loving company.

Succeeding in Making an Impact: Newsweek Award

Recently, despite not applying for the award, Newsweek highlighted Buckeye’s efforts, ranking it 173rd among 1,000 companies in the 2024 Newsweek Excellence Index. One of the mottos at Buckeye is, “Live Here, Work Here, Give Here” and we are happy to have made an recognizable impact in the local area.

Learn More About Buckeye’s Charitable Acts and Values

“It’s about way more than just turning a profit” - Buckeye Broadband President and General Manager, Geoff Shook.

Learn more about Buckeye Broadband through the Giving Local blog, its dedicated About Us page, or the Giving Local page.

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