Back To School with High-Speed Internet

Don’t let slow speeds and buffering get in the way of student success. Whether it’s Internet for college students or kindergartners, Buckeye Broadband has it covered. Get ready for Back To School with these High-Speed Internet offers.

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Connect up to 6 devices at once with Buckeye Broadband's fast and reliable High-Speed Internet. It's perfect for doing research and video chatting with teachers and peers - with no buffering!

Starting at only $29.99/mo. plus taxes

200 Mbps Download

Unlimited Data Included

5 Mbps Upload
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Want more speed? Connect up to 8 devices at once with Ultimate Internet. Handle even the biggest school projects with 2x the download speed of fast and reliable High-Speed Internet.

Starting at only $59.99/mo. plus taxes

400 Mbps Download

Unlimited Data Included

5 Mbps Upload

A Reliable Connection

Ensure you can save and submit your work without Internet connection issues.

The Perfect Speed

Find the best speed to fit your personal needs with our fast Internet offers.

Protect Your Devices

Protect your smart devices in an all-in-one plan with Pocket Geek Home.

Relax With StreamTV

Relax between classes with your favorite shows on the go with StreamTV.

Best Laptops For Price & Performance With Back to School & Distance Learning

Want to know what the best laptops for college students are? Need a laptop for your child's online schooling? See which laptops are best for your budget and needs.


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Should You Get a Higher Internet Speed for Going Back to School?

Wondering, “What Internet Speed do I need for school?” Learn more about what Internet speed is good for students, and if your speed fits your needs in the blog post above.

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How Do Internet Speed Tests Work and What Causes Different Results?

Is your Internet fast enough to power all of your devices? Want to test your Internet speed? Learn about how speed tests work and how you can test your speed at home below.

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