Frequently Asked Questions

From Buckeye Customers (Billing, Internet, Cable TV)

Q: Why are our cable rates going up every 18 months?
A: Local TV stations are demanding increasingly higher fees to be included on TV Provider’s line-ups, even though they are still available free over-the-air. National broadcast networks are adding to the burden by demanding a cut of local stations’ fees. If their demands are not met, they pull their signals from their viewers and ask you to complain to your TV Provider, leaving you without your favorite programming until an agreement is reached. And if those fee demands are met, it results in higher prices for you.

Q: Why do you have data allowances for your internet speeds?
A: Data allowances help us maintain the integrity of our network so that we may deliver fairly to each and every customer. We do offer the ability to expand your allowance to an unlimited level for $30/mo.

Q: What is your stance on Net Neutrality?
A: Buckeye Broadband has supported, and continues to support, the open internet and principles of net neutrality. We don’t plan to change our practices. We are proud to provide our customers with the best and fastest internet service in the communities we serve.

Q: Why am I receiving so much spam e-mail now?
A: E-mail spam lists are often created by scanning, stealing mailing list addresses, or by searching the web for addresses. Online directories are another source of e-mail addresses. The more internet activity you participate in with your email address, the more likely you’ll end up in a spam list.

Q: Why are updates performed and when?
A: Buckeye Broadband has a commitment to delivering our products at an optimal performance level. This will involve updating various parts of our network and services from time to time.  In order to minimize customer impact, these updates are normally performed between 2 AM and 6 AM. We apologize that this may be an inconvenience for you in the event your services are interrupted. We perform updates to be sure that all security and performance issues are resolved as quickly as possible once they are discovered. We appreciate your understanding of our normal course of business to deliver exceptional products and services to our customers.

Visit our Support page here for Help Videos that include: Power Cycling your Modem, Parental Controls, and more.

Q: How do I change my Wi-Fi password?
A: If you are using a modem provided by Buckeye Broadband with a built in wireless router, you can change your Wi-Fi password by loading in a web browser from your home network and logging in with the appropriate credentials.

Q: What is the $2.00/$19.00 charge for in ‘Other Charges’ on my bill?
A: The $2 printed statement fee is  a monthly charge that allows us to mail your bill to you. You may opt out of the mailed statement online by logging in to your Member Services here and clicking ‘pay your bill’ to enter your online billing account. You will then see an option to go paperless under ‘Billing Preferences’

The $19 charge is for a late payment. Late charges are assessed when your bill payment is not made on the due date. You may find the due date at the top left of your billing statement. You have access to your billing statement at any time through our Member Services portal.

Q: How do I lower my bill?
A: In order to answer this question, it is best to speak with a representative that can review your account and help you tailor your services to your unique wants and needs. Please contact us at 419.742.4086 at anytime.

Q: Why am I not getting the speed I am paying for?
A: Multiple factors can cause getting speed results slower than the speed to which you are subscribed. Because environmental factors can affect wireless speeds, make sure you are running a speedtest from a wired device using our dedicated speedtest at

Q: Can you reset my password?
A: If you would like to reset your password for your online billing, email, or other Buckeye related account – please visit our member services portal and click ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the prompts.

Q: Can you reset my security question? Why is my security question asking a question I’ve never answered?
A: Security questions can be reset through the member services portal here. If you are having issues logging in, or are being presented a question for which you don’t have the answer, please contact technical support at 419.742.4086 or on online chat here.