5 Reasons To Support Small Business In Your Community!

The number of small businesses is growing and growing – especially with the advances of the Internet and digital commerce. Small Business Administration (SBA) defines small business differently by industry but it can range by employee numbers or revenue. SBA also reports that there are currently 30.2 million small businesses in the US and that is 99.9% of United States Businesses. Almost half of the entire private workforce (47.5%) is made up of small business employees. It is important for us to support these businesses; Not only is it likely you’re doing business with your neighbors, family, and friends, but buying local helps on a variety of levels.

Small Business Creates Jobs

If consumers start to shift their purchases to more small businesses, growth and employment could continue on an upward trend. The more profitable your small business becomes, the more growth you experience. This will lead to jobs being created for small businesses everywhere.

CPS (Current Population Survey, BLS) has reported that during a 12-month period ending in February 2018, private-sector employment has increased 1.8% - an increase from the 1% reported during the prior 12-month period. Back in 2015, small businesses created 1.9 million net jobs. It’s hard to argue with numbers like that. The more we support our communities, the more jobs are created.

Small Business Supports Local

When you support your local farmers market or trade fairs, those dollars are in return spent right in your community. Those farmers and artists go home to families that attend schools in your area, go to summer camps, or play sports in your town.

Local businesses also support local charities and organizations. Small business owners rely on the community to cultivate local relationships and attend fundraisers or events that focus on helping the people that they work, play, and live beside.

Speak directly to the expert!

When it comes to small business, the people that run the show are very accessible. If you’re looking for expert advice from the farmer that grew those vegetables or even the computer repair expert who made that computer on your desk to your specifications – they are a local phone call away. Even better, you can drive 20 minutes at the most to sit down and have a genuine face-to-face Q&A.

Also, no matter what buy from a local business, you’re getting something that was labored over. It’s their passion, not just their job. They take the time to get to know you and understand your situation and give you personalized services that meet YOUR needs – not the needs of the majority.

Better Quality and Longevity

Most local businesses have unique offers that are specific to what the community they serve needs. If it’s a handcrafted or hand grown good, the labor of love truly translates from start to finish of the product.

Not to mention, those goods and services are built to last! Planned obsolescence isn’t common for a small business because they want to provide you with something of value.

Local Customer Service

You’ve heard it a lot – we know. We have said it a lot! Local customer service cannot be beat. When you call for help, you speak with people that know your town, and experience the same weather as you. In a town like Toledo, our history is generational. A lot of times, even the parents of our business associates may know our own parents. There is no 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon around here - it’s 3 degrees of Toledo. Even if you didn’t grow up here, you still know someone who did and it only takes a few more connections to realize how close our community really is. Local customer service is one of the most important aspects of Buckeye Broadband Business Class. If you go to our website and request a quote for your business, someone from Toledo or the surrounding areas will be the one to return your request. Request a quote to get started!


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