Which Movie Franchises Have the Most Sequels? You Might Be Surprised

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Let's start off with a weird bit of sequel-related trivia occurring in one of the most beloved eighties movie franchises, Back to the Future starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. In the first of two sequels, Marty McFly (Fox) finds himself at a futurist version of a shopping mall in the town square of his hometown. At one point, during a 3-D animated advertisement promoting another sequel to the movie Jaws, a huge, imaginary holographic shark pops out and attacks him in from of the theater.

If you look closely at the movie marquee in the background, it's touting the 19th sequel to this film along with it being made by Max Spielberg, Steven's son in real life. Although Max didn't pursue a career in the film industry, it's still a jab at what could have potentially happened. However, even though there were a total of two popular sequels going Back to the Future, the three reboots of Jaws movies that were actually made didn't do well at the box office and were poorly received by critics and audiences alike.

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Fast-forward to today's modern movie industry and it seems like nearly everything currently on screen is either a remake, reboot, sequel, or prequel to our favorite flicks. Mostly it has to do with tremendous box office sales and soaring profits along with a loyal fan base who keep going back for more. This begs the question, which movie franchise has produced the most sequels (or prequels?) The answers to this query might come as a big surprise to many readers.

Friday the 13th: 12+ Movies 1980 -

This supposedly unlucky date has almost met the 13th mark in the number of successful movies hitting theaters and screens for over forty years. The hockey mask-wearing villain known as Jason has been hacking up unsuspecting teenagers for decades. Since starring alongside another nightmarish psycho in Freddie vs. Jason in 2009, we might be seeing more of these bad guys in the future.  

Star Trek: 12+ Movies 1979 -

As we all know, the original Star Trek television series starring Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) as commander of the Enterprise was considered groundbreaking and ahead of its time back when it first aired in 1966. After the show was rebooted several times on the small screen, at least a dozen movies have come to fruition ever since and are showing no signs of slowing down.

James Bond: 23+ Movies 1962 -

Similar to Star Trek, of the reasons Bond (James, Bond) aka agent 007 is able to keep coming back for more action, espionage, spy drama, and trauma is the fact different actors who portray this legendary role keeps being reimagined over the decades. These representations still have our protagonist drinking martinis that are shaken, and not stirred while appearing alongside a long list of beautiful "Bond girls."

Godzilla: 28+ Movies 1954 - 

Whether you watched these movies on a small screen as a child or went to see newer movies in the theaters, Godzilla is still stomping on big cities while saving civilization from attacks by monsters and unusual threats. There are rumors swirling that Toho and Legendary Pictures are still planning more sequels in the near future. 

Carry On: 31 Films from 1958 - 1992

It's hard to believe these low-budget, raunchy, British comedic adventures would deliver over thirty movies spanning more than three decades. Still, the current number two spot of most sequels made goes to these cult classic flicks. 

The Marvel Cinematic Universe: 31+ Movies 2008 -

With too many Avenger members to list by name, these two-dimensional comic characters have truly come to life in plenty of roles and plots keeping audiences entertained and on the edge of their seats. There are also a number of reboots, sequels, and prequels either in the works or slated to hit screens soon so this number will continue to rise in the near future.

CLOSING CREDITS: Honorable Mentions and Technicalities

Wait, what about Star Wars? Technically George Lucas sold his rights to Disney so the total number of films in that particular franchise is divided between the two but will likely rise for the latter in the future. Also, there are the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films to consider. However, their movies only landed in the single-digit range along with a questionable future for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise found in the same numeric category.

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