Inexpensive Ways to Expand Your Entertainment Experience With Cable

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During difficult times when budgets are stretched to their limits, if possible, it's good not to trim entertainment out of this monetary equation. According to many entertainment brings us happiness, and can even be a form of self-care, which is a fundamental and powerful medicine that aids with overall health and wellbeing.

Simply put, movies and television series create joy in people's lives. When watching and listening, members of this viewing audience tend to forget their problems, worries, and difficulties in their own lives. That being said, what are some inexpensive and affordable Cable TV alternatives that allow us to expand our entertainment experience without breaking the bank? Learn more below.

Consider Adding Affordable Premium Channels

Think about the average cost of taking a family of four or the ticket prices for a couple to go out to see a film at their favorite theater. Compare that cost to adding a premium channel to your current lineup with options that include:

  • HBO® / Cinemax® with 20 digital channels at $30 per month (includes access to MAX streaming app)
  • Paramount+ with SHOWTIME / The Movie Channel / Flix with 19 digital channels at $17.95 per month
  • Starz / Encore / Indieplex / Retroplex with 16 digital channels at $15.95 per month
  • MGM+ with 4 digital channels at $5.99 per month

Many cable customers are already familiar with premium platforms like HBO®, Cinemax®, Showtime, and The Movie Channel, but some aren't aware of the other less expensive options. With retro being all the rage these days, channels like Encore and Retroplex are excellent ways to view blast-from-the-past favorites again or for the first time.

MGM+ Spotlight (Cheapest Premium Channel)

While MGM+ is the least expensive option, don't let the small price of this selection sell this channel short. Similar to the more well-known platforms previously mentioned, on MGM+ you'll also find current blockbuster movies, classic films from the past, new original series, exclusive programming, and more.

You'll see all your favorite genres from action-adventure movies to films for the whole family, thrilling horror flicks, side-splitting comedies, intriguing dramas, science fiction favorites, engaging romances, and so much more.

Take TV With You On The Go

Some might argue they still want to get out and about with their entertainment options and that's why we also offer Buckeye TV Everywhere. This way you're not stuck in one spot for watching your favorite shows, series, new movies, and more using most handheld electronic devices. There are currently over 80 downloadable network channel apps and more are being added as they become available.

There's no charge to use this service and users need only have the cable TV network that they want to watch. For example, for those with a more basic cable lineup, you'll find most of your favorite channels available from national networks like A&E and WE TV to local options including ABC and NBC.

For premium subscribers, if you already have HBO,® you can watch the full episodes of Game of Thrones,®  other HBO® originals, blockbuster movies, and all the other programming available on the top streaming app MAX by connecting it with your TV Everywhere.

Get The Affordable Cable TV Options You Want

When you need more information on any of these options, please reach out and contact us today. We're here to make sure you have everything we have available in entertainment from high-speed internet to customizable channel lineups with premium and basic options available. We look forward to hearing from you.

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