Watching The Super Bowl, Puppy Or Kitten Bowl? We'll Help You Decide!

Football fans are ecstatic about the arrival of Super Bowl LIII on February 3rd airing on CBS when the New England Patriots will face off against the Los Angeles Rams at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia (home of the Falcons who unfortunately fell out of playoff contention). Even if our favorite or beloved home team won't be participating in this time-honored classic event, as sports enthusiasts we will still tune in to watch all of the action play out live on game day.

Super Bowl Sunday has been an all-time favorite of families and their friends for generations and it's not necessarily all about players tossing around the old pigskin and fighting their way downfield. In addition to a spectacular, star-studded half-time show, this is one of the few platforms where viewers actually look forward to watching commercials. Since a thirty-second spot comes along with a price tag starting at around $5 million, advertisers really step up their game to promote their products on this pricey platform with unique, often hilarious, visually stunning and truly entertaining advertisements.

BENEFITS OF WATCHING THE SUPER BOWL: Spending valuable time with friends and family, enjoying all the delicious appetizers, food and tossing back a few cold, adult beverages are all bonuses. It also gives viewers the opportunity of arming themselves with some trendy water cooler chit-chat for the Monday after the big game. Whether we're discussing the performance of Maroon 5 joined by some surprise guests, laughing at our favorite commercials or questioning some of the calls made by the officials, this type of post-event camaraderie is always a win-win situation.

Furry Spin-offs

Back in 2005, the Animal Planet debuted their very first annual Puppy Bowl held on the same day as the big game. With a tagline of being a "fur-tastic battle on the grand gridiron of Puppy Bowl Stadium, it's also touted as "celebrating all that is right with the world, Puppy Bowl is a competition of cute and a dedication to dogged determination."

Not to be outdone by their other four-legged counterparts, the Hallmark Channel chose to have a similar venue for felines and launched the Kitten Bowl several years later. In similar situations, these cats parade around a faux football field and showcase their playful skills in an imaginary football-like game scenario.

Both Animal Bowls

The real purpose of these ongoing soon-to-be animal-related TV classics is to promote the adoption of an abundance of adorable little critters and raise awareness about the availability of these dogs and cats displaced in shelters all across the country. In both of these animal-based bowls similar to the NFL's itinerary, viewers will enjoy viewing certain, specially showcased "athletes," watch these animals playfully interact, be given stats on their performances, and see some of them commit "foul plays" when flagged by a referee.

BENEFITS OF WATCHING THE CRITTERS COMPETE: Some people will also plan parties around watching these animals "compete" just like viewers of the Super Bowl, so some of the same benefits will apply. Spending the afternoon watching adorable fur-babies, bounce, trounce, fumble, bumble and strut their stuff on AstroTurf is an excellent way to get your cuteness awareness factor into overdrive. Plus, they're all just so darn cute!

Toledo's Own

Be sure to mark your calendar for Toledo's very own, signature Puppy Bowl held on January 26th at our newest location in Spring Meadows. If you're leaning more towards the Kitten Bowl, head on out to our Perrysburg location for adoptable kittens! Can't choose between the two? Visit our Franklin Park location, where you can see dogs and cats that are up for adoption - or even just donate pet food.  We're proud to help sponsor these events with the Toledo Area Humane Society, Planned Pethood, Inc., Granite City Brewery, and Shay's Carpet and Home Interiors. We invite everyone to come down and experience for it for themselves, live, in person and you maybe you'll be taking home your own little mascot. We even have Facebook events you can add so you'll get a reminder: Puppy Bowl at Spring Meadows & Kitten Bowl at Perrysburg.

In any case, even if you're not looking at the addition of a new family member, be sure to stop by and join us for all the fun when viewing these adorable little playmates take on the challenge. But remember, when it comes to obtaining a new pet for yourself, a friend, family member or significant other, please "Don't Shop, Adopt!"

BENEFITS OF ADOPTION: Even though many shelters have instituted a "no-kill" policy when it comes to potentially putting down unwanted animals, in this case, the life you save could be your own. Studies have shown a number of health and welfare benefits when it comes to owning a pet. From lowering blood pressure to increased activity levels, having a furry, four-legged best friend also helps people to socialize more with their two-legged counterparts.

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