The Toledo School for the Arts Provides Premium Education and More

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It's been said that children are our future and today the term "back-to-school" is looking a bit unusual with more homeschooling and distance learning taking over the seats of school buses and desks in traditional classrooms. Thankfully, the Toledo School for the Arts (TSA) isn't your traditional learning environment. They're already accustomed to rolling with punches and keeping current with changes by staying one step ahead during these difficult times. Let's take a closer look at the TSA and how they make an important impact on providing kids with premium education options and so much more.

Take a Quick Look at the TSA

Founded in 1999, the Toledo School for the Arts is a public, community, and charter school that focuses on "Providing Ohio residents with an advanced college preparatory academic curriculum in an intense visual and performing arts environment" according to their mission statement. The TSA welcomes any student who is an Ohio resident through an education-based enrollment lottery system making fair placement for those available for attendance. You'll find the TSA at 333 14th Street in Toledo and can reach them at (419) 246-8732.

How the TSA Achieves Academic Excellence

At the TSA, academic excellence blends the arts with education making the two become one for better growth and higher achievements for their students. Discipline and excellence in academics correspond with discipline and excellence in the arts.

In other words, when a student who works at modeling a piece of clay for an hour each day, they are perfecting their ability to focus and then give the same type of attention in their study of history or science with the same amount of intensity. When that student learns to work on a dance sequence until they get it just right, they are also learning to perfect their performance and self-discipline to work on a math problem until they can solve it correctly. 

More Creative Courses Available at the TSA

For many older folks, we remember getting taught the basics often referred to as the three "R's" known as reading, writing, and arithmetic. However, we quickly learned there was so much more to our school years studying science, social studies, history, and more. The same is true for the curriculum at the TSA which is expansive and extensive including such courses as:

  • Music and dance
  • Theater and visual arts
  • Career technology and business skills
  • English and Spanish
  • Health and science

Reading The TSA Report Card

Just like its students, schools are also graded on their performance and the TSA has achieved a 99% graduation rate, well above the state and national averages. US News recently reported on these standings in comparison with other schools in the United States. They also revealed this institution gives students the opportunity to take Advanced Placement (AP) coursework and exams to better prepare them for college and higher learning. 

With a total enrollment of 383 children, 54 full-time instructors are teaching a diverse group of students and nearly one-third of them are economically disadvantaged. Still, these kids are ranked at high levels for their proficiency in reading and mathematics at state and national levels. Although TSA is eligible to receive Title 1 funding, often they don't meet the criteria for this assistance. Therefore, they rely heavily on donations to support their mission of providing these advanced learning methods for their students. 

Buckeye Broadband also believes that children are our future. We proudly support youngsters in multiple ways along with donating to the Toledo School for the Arts. We also believe in giving back to our local community. Please join us in these important endeavors and contact us or visit one of our locations if you need more information. We're always looking forward to hearing from you. 

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