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During challenging and uncertain times is when our local non-profit organizations need our help the most. For nearly two-hundred years, the TLCPL (Toledo Lucas County Public Library) has been serving our community in a variety of ways. Even though the TLCPL is close to celebrating its bicentennial, they've remained current with our ever-changing technology. Let's take a deeper look at the many locations and opportunities the TLCPL offers residents in this part of Ohio.

Locations and Services

The main library is located in the Center City section and there are a total of twenty locations in multiple neighborhoods throughout the region. From Birmingham to Washington, South, and West Toledo, the TLCPL also offers mobile services for the community. Ongoing services from the library include:

Authors: In a growing collection of notable writers gathered for over two decades, readers are invited to check out this unique collaboration of authors available from a searchable database on the internet.

Saturday Morning With The Library: Similar to the Saturday morning tradition of enjoying cartoons, the TLCPL offers people of all ages new weekly online programming with singalongs, magic shows, and more.

Summer Read: From June 1st through August 1st, young people are encouraged to read a book for at least 20 minutes per day, track their progress either manually or online, and enter into a grand prize drawing to win prizes from local businesses and other library supporters.

Virtual Book Groups: Choose from a dozen different Virtual Book Groups to join in an online space to share your thoughts and opinions about books you're reading in your favorite genre. 

Online activities are available around the clock, 24-7 and all the library's activities reach people across every age, racial, religious, and cultural spectrums. In an era where these differences are increasingly dividing people, the TLCPL is a shared space where more than 3 million people gather annually to linger, explore, learn, and create making connections that strengthen our community. 

Much More Than Just Books

The majority of libraries are by definition, "A place in which literary, musical, artistic, or reference materials (such as books, manuscripts, recordings, or films) are kept for use but not for sale."  When many of our great-grandparents were in school, libraries were often simply a place where only books were stored. As they say, the times they are a-changing, and the halls of these hallowed grounds is much more than a brick-and-mortar location of paper-based materials that are borrowed and returned. 

As technology continues to grow exponentially, the TLCPL is keeping up with all these changes in a very timely matter. In addition to books, manuscripts, recordings, and films, readers also have fine-free access to:

  • Exploring crafts, cooking, and computer coding
  •  Spaces where kids and teens can study, play games and eat pizza 
  •  Computers, technology classes, and one-on-one teaching
  • Labs with 3D printers, circuit machines, studio equipment, and sewing machines
  • Help with starting a business, researching your family tree, and obtaining a passport
  • Delivery to senior communities, the disabled, and those who are homebound
  • 24-7 access to digital resources and the library catalog and much more

It's important to note that the term "fine-free" means TLCPL has removed barriers to opportunity by providing access to all of these services to users who may lack the financial means necessary to obtain them. In other words, if someone doesn't have access to a computer, the library has them available to take advantage of online options and internet services. 

Here at Buckeye Broadband, we're proud to support the Toledo Lucas County Public library along with other local charities in our community. We encourage everyone in this region of Ohio to give back, volunteer, or donate to these worthy causes.

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