Managing Goals and Meeting New Year's Resolutions Using The Best Productivity Apps for 2023

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Some of us are guilty of making New Year's resolutions and either forgetting about our self-made promises or simply not following through with these goals. Thankfully, today's technology can help track and tackle these aspirations with ease using these applications. So without any further adieu, here are some of the best productivity apps for 2023 along with a brief description of their duties. 

What Exactly is a Productivity App?

The term productivity by definition is usually associated with delivering products or services, however, it's a little different with these types of apps. Generally speaking, a productivity application assists users with managing their time, tasks, and resources more efficiently. They're often used as to-do lists, will set reminders, and some will even block out distractions. 

Conceiving and Believing With  Notion

At the top of our list, Notion is a great app available on Windows and Apple platforms that delivers what was offered above. If you don't believe it, check out their website that's chock full of positive reviews from a plethora of users that are happy with this product. It's free for a single user and the price point rises with more members being added to the program and its presentations. 

Buzzing on Hive for Better Success

Mostly utilized in group environments, still Hive is an excellent tool for single users. This management platform is based on team-based solutions to common management and communication issues. It still functions as a stand-alone platform for maximizing project potential, meeting deadlines, and tracking progress on different tasks for individuals. There's no cost for up to two partners to a pair and then prices increase according to the number of users who are participating and connecting on this platform.

Tackling To-Do-Lists With a RoboHead Approach

Initially, this app was entitled ToDoIst (just one letter short of the actual title of a traditional to-do list), but RoboHead software expanded the concept to include more than a simple checklist. Along with checking things off of a roster, RoboHead was also launched for use primarily with groups but at the same time, it rocks for single users. 

Getting Past Post-Its With Evernote

This platform has a memorable, long,-lasting well-deserved, and reputable reputation for being a reliable resource for overall management and keeping track of everything without using traditional post-it notes. Once again, Evernote was designed for use with groups rather than individuals, but it still works well with individuals when it comes to organization. Those little, paper reminders, only go so far when attempting to remember every detail going on in our obnoxiously busy lives. 

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

Remember the age-old idiom, if a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? Common sense dictates that it does make noise, but there are simply no ears available to hear the loud thud as it happens. With Forest, one of the methods the application implements is the ability to stay focused and avoid 'noisy' background distractions while getting more accomplished at the same time. They also use a visual and conceptual process when planting a seed (aka beginning a task), participating in the process while it grows into a fully grown tree while moving through a particular journey.

BONUS: Gathering Together For Better Productivity in Groups

As we've already seen, these apps are available for free in most cases for individual use for use from a number of different providers. However, by upgrading to mostly inexpensive more premium levels, users enjoy many valuable extra benefits. Using the latter app as an example, Forest offers its members the ability to work together as a team for even better results. 

When you have questions, comments, or concerns about anything that has to do with understanding or dealing with today's high-tech, Buckeye Broadband and our Brainiac team are here for you in 2023 and beyond. Feel free to reach out to us online at any of our many convenient locations. And finally, from all of our family to yours, here's wishing everyone a happy, joyous, prosperous, and productive New Year. 

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