Hot Tech Topic: Will Passwords Become a Thing of the Past?

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Recently the tech department at Reader's Digest revealed more details about a feature available from Apple known as a passkey instead of using traditional passwords. In simple terms, a passkey allows users to log onto their devices, websites, applications, and programs using other types of technology. Think about Touch ID (fingerprint recognition), Face ID (facial recognition), and even retinal eye scans used for authentication purposes. 

Why Use Passkeys?

According to Caitlin Johanson, Vice President of Application Security at Coalfire, the passkey feature is "the Apple-flavored future of password managers." Johanson goes on to share, "Instead of you remembering a 12-digit password, you can create a passkey that uses biometrics to log you into the site you want to access."

At the same time, Chris Furtick, Director of Security Engineering at Fortalice Solutions, agrees when saying, "Passkeys are a way to help users secure themselves and their digital lives." Furtick continues to offer, "Once we transition from the use and reuse of passwords to the more secure practice of passkeys, it will be much more difficult for the fraudsters to access our accounts."

Convenience or Catastrophe?

In a way, passkeys can be compared to the growing number of Google account holders who have the ability to access a myriad of platforms by simply signing on to different devices. While this is extremely convenient for those with multiple electronic gadgets, the possibility of hackers going bananas if they're able to bypass this step, there's a real risk for losses at an astronomical level.

In other words and as an example, in this case, let's say you absent-mindedly leave a device somewhere unattended even for a brief few moments. Along comes a crook who snags your gadget off a tabletop or counter without your immediate knowledge. If you're still logged in by either a passkey or password, the door is essentially wide open for dangerous, multiple attacks on your device from these cyber criminals.

Going Back to the Basics

When you think about it, the more technology evolves to assist law enforcement and the use of cyber security measures, it seems like the "black hat hackers" are always keeping pace with these vigilant protectors. This type of battle between good and evil has been raging for hundreds and thousands of years long before the advent of computers and the internet. It appears as though almost every time there are advances available for protecting innocent people from loss and intrusion, the "bad guys" seem to find a way around these safeguards.

Obviously designed to protect and thwart thieves from unwanted entry, the concept, and advent of a lock and key has been around practically since the beginning of recorded history. Once again, shortly after these preventive measures were put into place, crooks quickly cracked the code figuring out to pick locks in the absence of a key. Much in the same way thieves are able to break into safes and other locked devices, today's hackers seem to be either one step ahead of law enforcement or quick to crack an online code to take advantage of the unsuspecting. 

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