Check Out a Free Preview of the Hallmark Movie & Mystery Channel and Christmas in July

Hallmark Xmas in July

While some people may believe movies and series airing on the Hallmark Channel are sappy and predictable, millions of viewers are still flocking to this popular network and watching them in droves. Especially when it comes to holiday-themed shows, movies, and more. According to recent figures from Crest Media (owner of both the Hallmark and Hallmark Movie & Mystery Channels), their networks attract more mostly female viewers than any other cable channel during the important end-of-the-year fourth quarter.

For those who haven't checked out either of these channels, be sure to take advantage of the free preview of the Hallmark Movie & Mystery Channel. And for fans of all things associated with one of the most beloved holidays of the year, you'll want to tune in for Christmas in July on Hallmark's original and inaugural channel. 

Christmas in July

For anyone who has ever wondered where the term Christmas in July originated, it wasn't from the greeting card conglomerate nor their namesake cable channel. Instead, the phrase refers to many places in the Southern Hemisphere where Christmas is often celebrated in what would be normally considered the height of their winter tourist season. We're not saying Hallmark doesn't take advantage of this fact and an unseasonable holiday — because they most definitely do. 

With an average of 3.5 million viewers tuning into to watch Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas during a nine-week period of the traditional season of giving, it only makes sense they would offer these holiday films in July. Furthermore, on Saturday nights from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., Hallmark's holiday-themed flicks garner more viewers during this prime-time slot on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. You can also watch these Christmas favorites during the first few weeks of July.

SCHEDULE: Check out the full schedule of Hallmark's Christmas in July shows here.

Cult Classics with Beloved Blast-From-The-Past Detectives

With everything retro being all the rage nowadays, once again Hallmark is taking advantage of the popularity of these cult classics on their Movie & Mystery Channel. Whether you've never seen these shows before or want to revisit these classic detective series as a blast from the past, they include:

  • Magnum P.I. was considered a breakout role for Tom Selleck often referred to as "the stache" as he rose to fame and popularity. He portrayed an attractive and playboy albeit a very talented private detective fighting crime in beautiful Hawaiian backdrops.
  • Hollywood's starlets Jennifer Powers and Robert Wagner star together as (Mr. & Mrs) Hart to Hart, a wealthy married couple unraveling mysterious and solving crimes while maintaining a luxurious lifestyle
  • Diagnosis Murder teamed Dick Van Dyke as a physician with his real-life son Barry Van Dyke as a homicide detective Steve Sloan. In the series, they work together to solve crimes as a fictional father-and-son duo in this action-packed, comedy, mystery, and medical crime drama.
  • Angela Lansbury delightfully portrayed the character of Jessica Fletcher as the fictional author in Murder, She Wrote. Solving mysteries was her forte making many viewers wonder why anyone would want to hang out with her or attend a dinner party in the imaginary town of Cabot Cove.

TRIVIA: The nonexistent city of Cabot Cove was once declared the murder capital of the world with the total number of criminal-related deaths occurring inside this imaginary town surpassing other murders being committed on a global level.

There are more modern mysteries are available on the Hallmark Movie & Mystery Channel including the obsessive-compulsive adventures of Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) and his cop counterpart Captain Leland Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine). Although they seem to be constantly butting heads and bickering in typical sitcom fodder, they still overcome their differences to solve the case at hand. 

There's also Psych (starring James Roday) and his ward or underling partner Gus (as portrayed by Dulé Hill) who often outshines his superior. The duo charade around as a psychic and his sidekick with the pair seeming to solve crimes with the power of their minds when in fact they're merely gathering evidence and examining clues at the scene.

SCHEDULE: You'll find the daily roster of these series and movies showcased here.

Original Movies and Programming

Similar to the competition found on other cable networks, Hallmark regularly releases new and original programming only available on their platforms. During the free preview of the Hallmark Movie & Mystery Channel, viewers will get the first look at their new Midway to Love movie. The flick follows a traditional Hallmark practice with Dr. Rachel August (Rachel Hendrix) returning to her quaint little home town from the Big Apple. Will she rekindle the romance with her old high school boyfriend Mitchell Sims (Daniel Stone) or leave him broken-hearted once again if she returns to New York City?

Want to know more about what is and isn't available from these channels?  That's okay, we've got your detective back. We've already done our research and homework leading to the best in programming available from Hallmark and all the other cable channels. Contact us today at one of our many locations in the greater Toledo and Northwestern Ohio area.

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