5 Things You Need to Know to Interact with Customers on Social Media

Social media presence is no longer an option for businesses in this digital era. Businesses are taking advantage of the billions of people on social media platforms to promote their products and services. Social media platforms ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn and Instagram present an opportunity for enterprises to convert users into paying customers. They also have numerous benefits for businesses such as increasing brand visibility, improving customer engagement, generating leads, attaining competitiveness, and boosting profits.

Importantly, social media platforms allow businesses to connect, interact, and engage with existing customers, prospects, and fans. They help businesses to develop relations with customers and grow their followers' base. However, many enterprises struggle to interact with customers online and do not know what to do. This article comes in handy to present five things you should know to interact with customers on social media.

1.   It's not all about your business

Your social media page should not be all about your company and its products. It should not be limited to sales pitches and self-promotion. If you flood your page with posts solely promoting your company and its products and services, your followers will not respond well; they may even unfollow you.

Although it is essential to promote your products and services on social media, do not make it your focus. Take time to create content that adds value to customers and makes them interested in your feeds. You can publish content on current events and other relevant issues in your industry. The bottom line is to demonstrate that your page is versatile and not all about your company.

2.   Be responsive

Nowadays, businesses use social media platforms to listen and respond to customers' inquiries and issues. You should follow suit and use your social media page to respond to customer issues. Respond to compliments as well as complaints and do not ignore any customer comment.

Ensure that your responses are not only timely but also thoughtful. Responding to customer issues on social media can promote customer loyalty, assure repeat business, and achieve competitiveness.

3.   Customer service is vital

These days customer service has gone online; customers expect not only excellent customer service when they visit your physical store but also on social media platforms. Make sure you offer exceptional customer service always. Be as friendly as possible in your interaction with customers to establish a good relationship with them.

4.   Be active

If you want your customers to interact with you on social media networks, you have to be active. You can't sit and wait for people to comment, like or share your posts if you don't do the same for others.

It is best practice to get active and interact with others on social media. Like, comment and share other people's content, and they will most probably return the favor.

5.   Make it fun

Social media platforms are social networks. Many people use them primarily for entertainment to connect and communicate with friends and family. Therefore, make your social media pages fun for your customers and followers.

You can use humor frequently since it is an incredible way to connect with others. Also, do not forget to share jokes, memes, gifs, videos, and other enticing content to keep your followers engaged and sharing your content.

Although social media has huge benefits for businesses, many small businesses have no clue how to interact with their customers on the platforms effectively. The bottom line is to create an emotional and lasting connection with your fans rather than bombard them with sales pitches. Aim to create conversations and encourage your customers to connect, communicate, and interact with you.

Don't just be on social media; use your presence to have a positive impact on your customers and of course, your returns. Contact the experts at Buckeye Broadband for help with social media content and advertising.

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