How much data does streaming Netflix use?

Picture this:

You recently just signed up for NETFLIX to catch the newest episodes of Orange is the New Black. You start streaming the series and someone else in your family is streaming Stranger Things on their iPhone and all of sudden you receive a notice that you are almost out of your data. How did streaming Netflix suddenly take up most of my data?

Well, the good news is Netflix has a variety of ways to adjust the quality of the video you are streaming.

You can reduce the amount of bandwidth Netflix uses by adjusting the data usage settings of your account and individual profiles under that account. Netflix offers four data usage options to match the speed of your internet service provider and the package you have. According to, below are the following estimates on a per stream basis:

  1. The low resolution provides .3 GB per hour, and should only be your option if you are running low on your monthly data, or only watch movies on your phone. Not the clearest picture. But perfect for your child who is streaming on your phone or tablet.
  1. Medium (Standard) resolution gives you 1 GB per hour budgeted Netflix user. Not bad, but once again don't expect to get the best image on a big screen.
  1. High resolution. This is to view the Best video quality on the biggest TV! But it does take up a good amount of your data, 3GB per hour for HD and 7GB per hour for ULTRA HD.  Still you could watch almost 41 2-hour movies per month on our normal BEX50 plan. However, if you stream all the time, Buckeye Broadband currently offers unlimited for all the Netflix addicts in Toledo, and neighboring regions such as Oregon, Perrysburg, Ottawa Hills, and Sylvania. Visit to find out more.



Another cool option with Netflix is that you can download content off Netflix for offline viewing later on. This feature is available on Android as well as on iOS Netflix apps but also comes with a catch! You can only download a selected group of content. It, of course, includes all the Netflix original productions such as Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, and other downloadable movies and shows -ranging from teen classic Sixteen Candles (1984) to the cult masterpiece To Kill a Mockingbird (1962).

If you cannot get enough of Scandal (which is the most watched TV show in Ohio – be it Toledo, Oregon, Perrysburg, Ottawa Hills, or any other part of Northwest Ohio), download it now for weekend binge-watching.

As with Streaming TV, users can choose different video qualities in line with the speed offered by their internet service provider.

If you're streaming kind of slow or you're having a tough time downloading the content, you may want to switch Internet Service Providers. By switching to Buckeye Broadband will allow you to purchase an internet plan based on how much you stream. Call Today at 419-724-9800 or visit to shop for Internet plans.

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