Why Buying Local Still Matters

Community Commitment

Over 50 Years ago, the Toledo area had something many other local communities didn’t have, a local cable TV service provider. Today, Buckeye Broadband can proudly claim a continued role in The Glass City and the neighboring areas of Ottawa Hills, Sylvania, Maumee, Holland, Perrysburg, and Oregon. After more than five decades, we are still 100% committed to staying local.

With over 600 employees in and around the Toledo area, we dedicate thousands of hours to helping our community every year. Buckeye Broadband has a unwavering commitment to Toledo and years of community outreach have instilled that commitment in our employees.

We see the benefit for our company to stay local and support local organizations, check out some of the other reasons buying local helps.

How buying local helps communities:

  • For every $100 spent at a local business $68 stays in the community. Whereas only $43 stays in the community when spent at a non-local
    business. (2008 Local First “Local Works” study by Civic Economics).
  • In times of high unemployment, small businesses both retain and create more jobs than large firms do.
  • When you buy from an independent, locally owned business like Buckeye Broadband, significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses. This continuously strengthens the economic base of the community.

Local Matters

We work here, we play here, and we support each other. It is likely the local Buckeye Broadband employee you call for help and service may be someone you know. Other large cable providers can not replicate this customer service and connection.

As big national cable conglomerates continue to buy out cable companies, having a local high-speed Internet and local cable TV company in Toledo has its benefits. Not only are we local, but we do not outsource our customer service. Which can’t be said for some of the other providers in the area-

“… AT&T had shifted some 12,000 jobs from U.S. to overseas call centers since 2011. Jobs moved to Colombia, El Salvador, the Philippines, and the Dominican Republic among other countries pay as little $1.60 per hour, the CWA union said.”

-Fortune Magazine, May 2017

Being local has positive impacts all across Toledo and the Surrounding areas. You can keep up with all our community outreach, here:

NW Ohio/SE Michigan 1.419.724.7980 Erie County 1.419.627.0800