Port Forwarding Setup for Express Modem

Why do I need to setup Port Forwarding?

You may need to set up Port Forwarding in your Express Wireless Modem to increase your NAT Performance or to view Security Camera Footage remotely. Port forwarding allows external devices on the Internet to communicate with machines inside of a private LAN.

Port Forwarding is set up through Virtual Servers in your Express Wireless Modem.

Accessing the Virtual Servers in your Express Wireless Modem

  1. Log into your wireless modem by opening up a web browser and typing into the address bar. You will come across a login screen. The default Username is admin and the defaultPassword is password. If this was changed after your initial installation, use those login credentials.

  2. Click on the Firewall tab, then Virtual Servers on the left-hand side. To add a Virtual Server, click Add.

  3. A screen will pop-up.

    The Description is for your use; to describe what device this setting is for. The Inbound Port and theLocal Port will both be the ports required for the device; these as well as the Format should be provided by the manufacturer of your device. Virtual Servers need to know which device to send the traffic so the device will need a Static IP address, which is entered in the Private IP Address blank. Once this information is entered click on Add Virtual Server; the server will pop up in the main Virtual Servers screen.

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