How To Use FreeNet

What is FreeNet?
FreeNet is an Internet product that gives you access to the Internet at no monetary cost. Available for anyone in Buckeye Broadband's service area, FreeNet gives you access to your favorite online activities like email and social media with a speed of 2 Mbps for downloads and 1 Mbps for uploads, plus Unlimited Data. 

How do FreeNet Ads work?
You will be required to view an advertisement in order to restart each Internet session. Once the ad is complete, you will need to wait up to 60 seconds before refreshing your Internet screen or opening a new browser tab.

Does FreeNet support WiFi?
The use of WiFi is not supported on FreeNet. If you would like to use WiFi, you will have to do so with your own personal router. Buckeye Broadband will not provide support for such devices

Follow the steps below to get started with FreeNet:

  1. Click on the Google Chrome icon on your desktop screen or the toolbar at the bottom of your device screen. 
  2. Verify that FreeNet has been activated. You’ll know it is activated when you see the FreeNet Advertisement page.
  3. Click the play button to view the advertisement to start the FreeNet service.
  4. After viewing the advertisement, you will see a countdown screen. After the countdown is complete, a new Internet session will begin momentarily.
  5. When the new Internet session is ready to begin, you will see the FreeNet success webpage. You are now ready to browse the Internet and can navigate to desired website(s) as you normally would.
  6. When your current Internet session expires, you may see a screen that says, "This site can't provide a secure connection" or a similar error message. If that happens, revisit the page. You can type it in the address bar or create a bookmark for the page for easy access (see how to create a bookmark below).

What to do when your FreeNet session ends:
When your current Internet session expires, it’s possible that you may not be automatically taken to the FreeNet Advertisement page. If this happens, just type in the address bar.

Note: For your convenience, we recommend setting up a bookmark for the FreeNet Advertisement page so you can easily view the necessary ads when an Internet session expires. Once a bookmark is created and your session ends you can simply click the + button at the top of your browser, which will take you to your bookmarks bar and bookmark.

How to Set Up A Bookmark for FreeNet:
To set up a bookmark, type into the address bar and then hit the enter key. This can be done at any time while browsing the Internet. 

  1. When the page loads, click the star on the far right of the address bar.
  2. The bookmark box will automatically pop up and you will see the name of the page.
  3. Select the folder. The best option to select is ‘Bookmarks Bar’.

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