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What are Bark Parental Controls? 

Bark is a digital safety platform designed to help parents keep their children safe online. The platform offers a range of features, including content monitoring, screen time management, and social media tracking. Learn more about Bark and how you can protect your children online here

How Can I Sign Up For Bark? 

Current Customers

Buckeye Broadband Internet customers receive Bark Jr. as a complementary add-on to your service. Call 419.724.9800 to sign up for your free parental control app. *You must call and opt-in to take advantage of this benefit.

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New Customers

As a new customer, Bark Jr. is added when you are successfully signed up for Buckeye Broadband Internet service. To start using the Bark parental control app, call 419.724.9800. *You must call and opt-in to take advantage of this benefit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a computer to set up Bark Premium or Bark Junior? 

  • Bark Premium

    You’ll need a computer to set up Bark Premium if your child has an iPhone, iPad, or iPod (you can see step-by-step instructions for how to do that here). For Androids, you won’t need a computer at all.

  • Bark Jr

    You won’t need a computer to set up Bark Jr on iOS or Android devices — all that’s required is to have our companion apps for iOS or Android downloaded to your child's phone.

Is my child's data secure 

  • Absolutely. Buckeye Broadband is bringing safer content to you while ensuring your data is kept secure. Our partner Bark prioritized security. Their website uses SSL encryption and all analyzed data is stored within an encrypted database. You can rest easy knowing your children's data is secure.

What platforms does Bark monitor? 

  • Bark monitors a variety of platforms including social media (Instagram, Snapchat, etc.), messaging apps (Discord, Email, etc.), browsing history, and much more. 
  • *Platform monitoring availability varies between Android and iOS*


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