FAQ: Email Accounts

Is completing my profile really necessary?

A: Although, completing a user profile is not necessary, we highly recommend it. You will, however, need your secret answer and zip code handy in order to make changes to your password or account. Please write down this information and keep it in a safe location so that you can provide it to the Support Team to easily identify your account should any issues arise.

Is there a way to stop the pop-up screen asking if I would like to add this Email address to my Contacts?

A: No. The pop-up message is designed to make adding an email address to your contacts much easier. If you don’t want to add the new recipient’s address to your contacts, simply click cancel.

Is there virus protection on this Email Platform?

A: Yes, this Buckeye Email platform has a world-class layered protection system that blocks spam and malware, and also monitors for system abuses. Our security protection provides real-time global threat protection analysis, while utilizing white/black lists and exclusive delivery.

Is my profile going to stay the same as the previous Email Platform?

A: Yes, your profile information will remain the same.

Will I have all my folders available?

A: Yes, all the folders you created on the previous email platform will still be available on the new Buckeye Email platform. All custom folders will appear in the left side navigation menu.

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