StreamTV Playback Controls

When viewing the media player, there are multiple controls available in order to access trickplay functions, closed captioning, etc as well as a progress bar that allows you to see where your playback position is. 

  • Restart: Allows you to restart the program from the beginning, if the content has 'start over' rights.
  • Record: Allows you to record the currently selected program if the program has recording rights. The content that is in progress can be recorded with the same recording options available when setting a recording (including the ability to set an ongoing recording for subsequent episodes associated with the series)
  • Go Live: When you are viewing currently airing content behind the live point, this control allows the user to jump ahead to the live point on the channel, regardless of whether that carries the user to a different program or not. 
  • Pause/Play: Allows you to toggle into pause mode when desired, then resume where they left off.
  • Info: Opens up information overlay for the current program.
  • Audio/CC Replay: Allows for you to enable or disable the closed captioning.



On Android and Roku TVs, player controls can be accessed by pressing the select button on the device's remote. On Apple TV, you must swipe up or down to invoke the various controls. 

Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV






When viewing on a PC, the control bar will also display scene shots from various places within the program as you move the mouse over. This helps you determine where to begin playback if you are going back or forward within the content.


Android Tablet




Android Phone





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