How to Setup Parental Controls on Legacy Cable Boxes

To setup parental controls on any legacy converter you first press the Menu button once and go to the lock icon or press the menu button twice and go to Parental Controls. Once you select this option it will bring up the prompt for you to turn on parental controls, and then you create and confirm a pin number.

Once the pin number has been created you have these options for controlling menus and purchases: Movie Rating Locks, Tv Rating Locks, Tv Content Locks, Channel Locks, Title Locks, Service Locks, Hide Titles, Master Locks and PINs setup.

  • Movie Rating Locks and TV Rating Locks will give you the option to restrict content access based on their rating from the guide information any rating from G, TV-Y, TV-Y7, PG, PG14, R, NC17, and Adult.

  • Channel Locks will allow you set any particular channel to require the pin the number to access it in general.

  • Hide Titles will allow you to restrict the display of any adult content titles
  • Service Locks will allow you to make it so that in order to access video on demand it will require the pin.

  • Master Locks will allow you to either temporarily disable parental controls or to disable all together.

  • PINs Setup will allow you to change the pin number.

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