How to Connect Your HD Cable Box

HD Boxes have several types of connections but the best way to connect your TV is by HDMI.

The HD STB (Set Top Box aka Cable Box) has 3 important connections: The power cord, the incoming cable, and the outgoing HDMI to the TV.

The cord with the HDMI connectors on each end is the cord that will connect your cable box to the TV. Connect each end of the HDMI cord to the correct location on the cable box and the TV.

Now, set the TV to the correct HDMI input.

If you do not have an HDMI cord or HDMI input on the TV, the other way to connect the cable box is via COAX to the TV.

You have one cord going from the “TO TV/RF OUT” spot on the cable box to the spot labeled “CABLE/ANTENNA”. Screw the coax cable tightly at each location on the cable box and TV. 

Set the TV to channel 3 to get a picture on the TV.

Finally, connect the power cord!

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