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Q. What email do I use to sign-in?

A. Your Buckeye Broadband MY ACCOUNT login email address.

Q. What is MY ACCOUNT?

A. MY ACCOUNT is Buckeye Broadband’s online account management for its customers.

>Q. Why do I need MY ACCOUNT?

A. With MY ACCOUNT you can manage your account, check Internet speed and Internet consumption, view your IP address and more. You can create new email addresses and register new users. These credentials will allow access to TV Everywhere.

Q. How do I create MY ACCOUNT?

A. Go to and complete the registration process, or click the link “Create a Buckeye TV Everywhere account”. To register, you will need your account number and security code which is found on your monthly bill statement.

Q. Why do I need to create an ID for HBO® or other channels when I’ve already signed in?

A. To give the Account Owner the opportunity to apply parental controls for that channel. Parental controls are only modifiable with the Account Owner’s ID.

Without this precaution, all users attached to a single account will have complete access to all content regardless of the rating.

Q. Do I use the same sign-in on all devices (i.e. tablet, computer, smartphone)?

A. Yes.

Q. Why do I get the message “The Primary User has not registered?”

A. You need to have the Owner for the account register first, allowing them to set any necessary parental controls. After that, other Admins and Users within their MY ACCOUNT can sign-in with their own username and password.

Q. How many Users on my account can sign-in at one time?

A. Regardless of the User, three or more streams can run concurrently. This can vary by each cable channel.

Q. Where can I find more about Buckeye TV Everywhere?

A. More information is available at

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