BCSN App Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I watch my favorite high school football team this season?
A: Watch BCSN (8/608HD) or BCSN2 (109/609HD) on Buckeye Broadband or download the BCSN Now App available in the App Store and Google Play.

Q: I’m not a Buckeye Broadband subscriber.  Can I still watch?
A: Yes, our new ticketing system will allow spectators in Northwest Ohio, or anywhere, to purchase a single game streaming ticket for $11.99 to the eligible games listed above.

Q: Where does the money from the tickets go?
A: The net proceeds from each ticket sold will go to the home team’s school.

Q:  When will the streaming tickets be available to purchase?
A:  Streaming tickets will be available to purchase by Thursday at noon ET.

Q:  If I buy a streaming ticket, can I only watch the game once?
A:  You will be emailed a link to come back and watch later or from a different device.  Note:  the ticket grants you the right to one simultaneous view. Abuse of the ticket is tracked and monitored.

Q: If I already subscribe to Buckeye Broadband do I have to buy a ticket?
A: No, Buckeye Broadband subscribers will receive all games, from all sports with their current subscription.  To sign in to BCSN Now use your myBuckeye credentials.

Q:  Can I purchase a ticket to stream a volleyball, soccer, or tennis match?
A:  At this current time, streaming tickets are only available for football games.  All games are still available to watch with a Buckeye Broadband subscription.

Q:  Is the BCSN Now app available for Roku or Amazon Fire products?
A:  BCSN Now is available for Android and iOS.  We do not officially support Roku and Amazon Fire products at this time.

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