10 Gig Fiber-Optic Internet Launch

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Today’s world demands fast, reliable internet connectivity to keep up with the demands of life. Whether working from home, attending virtual doctor’s appointments, or streaming movies with the family, there is an increased need for data consumption and faster speeds. 

According to industry reports, the average household has more than 25 connected smart home devices. These devices include smart TVs, tablets, mobile devices, doorbells, cameras, and even refrigerators, coffee, and fitness machines. The use of these devices has doubled since 2019 and will continue to grow, especially with the emergence of Covid-19. Due to the pandemic, more people are learning and working from home, and there’s a growing need for simultaneous connectivity of multiple devices, creating a need for faster bandwidth tiers. 

To meet the increased bandwidth needs of its customers, Buckeye Broadband now offers internet speed plans up to 10 Gigs. 

“The investment in this fiber upgrade is a commitment to our community to provide cutting-edge technology, which will provide some of the fastest speeds available in the country,” said Geoff Shook, President and General Manager of Buckeye Broadband. 
Buckeye Broadband is one of the only providers in the area that can offer this multi-gig service, giving current residential and business customers lightning-fast internet speeds using the newest, fastest, and most dependable internet technology.

“The investment in this fiber upgrade is a commitment to our community to provide cutting-edge technology, which will provide some of the fastest speeds available in the country.”

-  Buckeye Broadband President and General Manager Geoff Shook -

Along with the availability of the new multi-gig speeds, Buckeye Broadband has increased the internet speeds of their current customers at no additional cost. 

“Our current customers are very important to us, and we will continue to provide the best value and superior service,” adds Geoff Shook. “The speed increase will allow them to continue to add devices to their continuously growing home networks.”

There are two easy ways for customers to get the new speed upgrade:

  1. Power cycle the modem by simply unplugging it. There is a help video on the support page of BuckeyeBroadband.com/support. 
  2. Download the myBuckeye app from the app store. Customers can then sign in with their Buckeye Broadband credentials, select support, then reset modem.

If customers do not voluntarily upgrade, they can still get the increase in speed when Buckeye Broadband updates modems during routine maintenance windows beginning August 8, 2022, between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. 

“As the leading technology provider in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan, we want people to turn to us for their technology needs,” said Shook. “We will continue to invest in our network to deliver the most reliable and fastest fiber-optic speeds available.”

About Buckeye Broadband

Buckeye Broadband is fully integrated regional communications company, offering high-speed internet service across its fiber optic network in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. The company was founded more than 55 years ago as a multichannel video distributor and still offers traditional cable TV along with streaming video, residential phone service and residential IT solutions from their award-winning Brainiacs. Learn more about Buckeye Broadband through its about page. 

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