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Business WiFi Features

business wi-fi professional setup

Professional Setup

Business WiFi provides your business with easy professional installation that will quickly have your devices connected and ready to manage in the included app.

business wi-fi easy login

Easy Login

Providing a WiFi network for your customers is simple. With Business WiFi it's easy to maintain separate networks for your employees and your guests.

business class access for everyone

Access For Everyone

With Smart Queue Management technology there's no need to worry about bandwidth hogs. Customers and employees are automatically prevented from slowing down the Internet for everyone else.

business wi-fi

Safe and Secure

Business WiFi uses industry-leading encryption and automatic software updates to keep your business safe even when dozens of employees and customers are connected to your Internet.

business wifi device management

Device Management

Manage dozens of employee devices all through the user-friendly mobile app. Easily turn WiFi access on and off with one click or set up profiles by device or employee to monitor usage.

business wifi support

Network Support

Business WiFi is easy to use even for the least tech-savvy users. Quickly troubleshoot issues, manage devices, and control WiFi access through the user-friendly mobile app.


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