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Cable Network Advertising

Advertise on Cable TV to create brand awareness and consideration for your business. Linear advertising also acquires new customers and stimulates social media sharing. Buckeye Broadband provides advertising opportunities on 83+ cable networks and billboards.

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cable networks

Local Sports

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Great Local Stations Advertise on BCSN

BCSN is a 24-hour local sports channel that focuses on Toledo-area high school, college and amateur and professional teams.

With hundreds of local athletes, thousands of fans, and tens of thousands of local viewers, BCSN continues to amass a dedicated following. Viewers simply cannot find these local events anywhere else! As a BCSN sponsor, your business receives far more than just television commercials. 

Visit BCSN Nation for a list of schools and teams featured on BCSN, as well as TV schedules, sports interviews and more! 


Local Arts

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Local Art Lives on BCAN

Buckeye Community Arts Network (BCAN) is a television network exclusively on Buckeye Broadband that captures local and regional art, culture, and humanities related events and activities.

The sole purpose of BCAN is to represent the artistic expression of the Northwest Ohio region through education, performance and exhibition.

Visit BCAN ARTS for more information on local programming. Sponsorship opportunities are available.


Better Brands in Toledo & Sandusky

Cable Television is more than just programming. Everyone has their favorite show, but with cable, people have their favorite channels. And with over 80 different networks to place your advertising on, Buckeye Broadband has precisely the audience you're looking for.

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Target Toledo Zones

Cable advertising's geographic control can be likened to direct mail. For some retailers, targeting an area is exactly what you need.

Contact your Account Executive now for advertising in one of the targeted zones!


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Better Geographical Control

Cable television gives you precise geographical control, which allows you to build high frequency impact to your core customer base.

Aside from being seen specifically in the vicinity of your business, Buckeye Broadband offers more options to further refine your desired audience.

Toledo/Sandusky Map

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