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Refer a Business for up to a $500 Credit on Your Account!

Referring is easy, just fill out and submit the form below. We will contact your referral and if your referral signs up for Buckeye Business products, you earn a credit on your account. It's that easy!

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Term and Conditions

The business being referred must be a new Business customer without any current or pending service and in good financial standing with Buckeye Broadband. Multiple location referrals will be treated as one referral per financial responsible party.

How the Offer Works

To earn credits for referring businesses to Buckeye Broadband Business, all you need to do is sign up for the Buckeye Broadband Business Referral Offer. Provide your name, a valid email address, and your active Business account number.

After you have the Business Refer and Earn webform. Buckeye will contact your referral. Once a new Business account is opened and new services have been activated for the referral, it will become validated and your business account will be eligible for referral credits.

If you plan to become a Buckeye Business customer because you were referred by an existing Buckeye Business customer, make sure you confirm your referral with your Buckeye Broadband Business Account Specialist when you open and activate your new service so the system can properly validate the referral and qualify the person who referred you for referral credits.


  • You must be a current Buckeye Broadband Business customer to participate in the Buckeye Broadband Refer and Earn Offer.
  • To get credit, email the name of the business you are referring along with a valid contact name and phone number and/or email address. Email must be received prior to the new customer activating its account, and must include your name, business name, and the active account number of your Buckeye Broadband Business account so the account can be properly credited.  
  • You cannot refer yourself, and you cannot earn a credit for referring someone who has already been claimed as a referral.
  • Credit may also be given if a new customer tells us it has been referred by an existing customer. In that case, the new customer must provide the existing customer’s name, address, and telephone number to allow us properly to credit the account.

Referral Period Rules

  • Applicable credit will be issued ninety (90) days following activation of the new customer account; will be based on your last Business invoice; and will not exceed the lesser of $500 and the total amount of the referee’s monthly bill.
  • Credit will be provided only if the referee becomes a Business customer by opening a new account within 60 days of the referral. If a new customer activates their account more than 60 days after validating their referral, no credit will apply.