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You've got a lot on your plate with a big move in your future! Let us make a stressful time a little easier.

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Let Buckeye Broadband get your services up and running at your new place.

Get $100 in Cable Credit!


MOVE 1 Existing Service*

– Get –


Cable Credit
Over 2 Months!

MOVE 2 Existing Services*

– Get –


Cable Credit
Over 5 Months!

MOVE 3 Existing Services*

– Get –


Cable Credit
Over 10 Months!

* An existing service can be Video, Internet, and/or Phone - Any Level.

COMPLETE DETAILS: The up to $100 in cable credit Move offer is for existing customers only that are moving services to another address within the Buckeye Broadband service area. To be eligible for cable credit, existing customers must be in good standing, move their existing services within 60 days, and call the special Move phone number 419-720-6683. Customers will only receive credit for the existing services that are moved, upgrading or adding new service does not qualify for the up to $100 in cable credit Move offer. This offer is available to customers there are not in a current Residential Service Agreement. Buckeye Broadband services are defined as any level of Video, Internet, or Home Phone service. This offer may expire without notice, or by 4/30/17.

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