ebb, electronic broadband benefit

Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

Save Up To $30 Per Month On Your Internet Bill

The FCC has closed applications for the EBB program and will be transitioning to the Affordable Connectivity Program. Visit the ACP page to learn more.

  • I understand the following:

    • This is a U.S. government program that reduces my internet bill.
    • This is a temporary emergency program with an unknown ending date. Upon its conclusion, I will have the option to continue to receive services subject to Buckeye Broadband’s regular rates, terms, and conditions.
    • This program is limited to one per household. A household is defined as anyone living at the same address who shares income and household expenses.
    • The program credit I receive cannot be used by any other individual or household.
    • I may choose to participate in the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program from any participating provider.
    • I may transfer the Emergency Broadband Benefit to another participating provider at any time during this program.
    • I allow Buckeye Broadband to transmit my information to the National Lifeline Accountability Database to enroll into the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program.
    • At the conclusion of the program, the last month’s discount may be reduced based on availability of funds, as determined by the FCC.

EBB Frequently Asked Questions