Netflix and Cable TV: Merging of 2 Worlds

As streaming becomes more popular, we have all probably experienced the same inconvenience. Anytime you want to watch Netflix or Hulu, you have to switch inputs on your TV. If you want to search for a specific show, you have to switch between apps. Isn’t there an easier way to search for and watch your favorite shows?

Easily Access All of Your Favorite Content

Streamers Rejoice! Express TV with TiVo has the cool features you need - all on your cable box!

Express TV with TiVo will allows you to search over all the cable networks such as ESPN, A&E, TNT, and ABC. It also searches Hulu and Netflix content and aggregates all the search results in one easy-to-use menu.

For example, you are from Toledo and you are a huge M.A.S.H fan. Do a search for M.A.S.H and see if it is playing on a cable TV network or a streaming app like Netflix. Then all you have to do is click to watch, it’s that easy!

This is just one new and convenient way to watch TV.


TiVo OnePass lets you track down every episode of a show – no matter where it comes from. For Example, you are a big fan of Toledo star, Katie Holmes and you want to watch every episode of Dawson’s Creek. Search for Dawson’s Creek and click the OnePass,. Anytime it’s playing on a network or streaming app, it will automatically record the entire season for you to watch at your convenience.

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