HBO Game of Thrones Final Season - RECAP

It may be Spring next week, but for all you Game of Thrones fans out there...winter is coming!

After what seemed like an eternity to wait between seasons, the eighth and final season is premiering soon. After eight years, fans are on the edge of their seats in anticipation for the thrilling conclusion as everyone's favorite epic show approaches its end.

With the culmination of so many plot lines and stories, keeping track of it all can seem overwhelming. Fear not!  We're going to take a quick look back at some of the biggest Game of Thrones plotlines in the show heading into season 8 so you can be fully prepared for the season premiere.

WARNING: if you're in the midst of binging the show, beware! There are spoilers ahead. You've been warned!

An Uneasy Alliance

Season seven wrapped up with a real whos-who meeting of the most important people in Westeros (Jon, Dany, Tryion, Cersi, Jaime, and others). The group thought they had an agreement to fight as one against White Walkers. Jon showed Cersei the wight they had kidnapped from beyond the wall. Cersei then pledged her army to the cause.

The alliance would soon be broken, however, when Cersei pulled her troops out of action. This angered her brother Jaime, who left to join this new alliance.

Jon + Daenerys

After a wild trip past the wall and a tough negotiation at King's Landing, Jon pledged his allegiance to Daenerys onboard a ship at sea. The two then hooked up, confirming a long-speculated romance was indeed going to happen.

Dany's Hand of the Queen, Tyrion Lannister, warned Dany to think of an heir and who would replace her. She doesn't pay this much mind, but could this be foreshadowing for her eventual demise?

Another big development: due to the sleuthing of Jon's friend Samwell Tarly and Bran Stark, it looks like Jon's true identity is Aegon Targaryen, son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. And for those of you scoring at home, that would also make him...Dany's nephew.


Jon's now heading back to Winterfell for a happy, if not short, reunion with his two sisters. They've been busy, however...

Meanwhile, Up North

Despite the best efforts of Littlefinger to drive a wedge between them, a reunited Sansa and Arya avoided a sisterly feud. Arya killed Littlefinger on Sansa's orders. They now await the return of Jon.

The major question now is: will Sansa accept Dany as her new queen? The Starks and Targaryens do not have a great history together. Will they sow the seeds of more distrust, or is Jon the person to finally bring them together for a greater purpose?

Oh yeah, and speaking of that greater purpose...

The Wall is No More

After the Night King commandeered one of Daenerys' slayed dragons, his new ice dragon destroyed the wall. This means we'll finally see what was foreshadowed in the series premiere: the White Walkers invading Westeros.


The stage is set for an epic final season. Dany and Jon are looking like a queen and (maybe) king who just so happen to also be related. Jaime and Cersei are at odds as Jaime heads off to help while Cersei continues to plot as if anyone on their own has a chance against the wights. Winterfell is going to be a busy place this season due to its proximity to the former wall and intrigue between Sansa and Dany. And Bran, the one who can see into the future and past, may already have the answers we've all been seeking.

Since we're not Bran and we can't see into the future, we'll just have to watch to find out what happens!

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