2019: Top 6 Fall Shows

It has been a grueling day at work. The fall weather caused a wreck on the freeway that doubled your commute time. All you want to do when you get home is relax. Give yourself an hour of downtime after work and indulge in your favorite fall shows. Kids at home? A spouse that can't wait to talk the minute you walk in the door? Tell them you'll be out in 60 minutes. Retreat to the tub and lock the door. Our StreamTV goes with you anywhere. Take your time. Soak for a while. Ignore the pounding on the door. Just relax and let one of these great fall shows entertain you.

Romance, Family, and Culture.

ABC's new fall show The Baker and the Beauty is sure to please rom-com fans. Inspired by the popular Israeli series Lehiyot Ita, it is about a baker who is torn between pleasing his close-knit family and furthering his career. He meets an international superstar who has the power to take his passion to the next level. Their unlikely romance faces many challenges because of different family backgrounds and cultures.

Fresh Off the Boat is back on ABC. This cute family sit-com brings a fresh spin to America's immigrant history. The country we know today, built by invading  immigrants, continues to receive them. A wonderful show that brings a light, heartfelt comedic note to the immigration conversation and reminds all current "Americans" of their original immigrant roots. This entertaining show is engaging and mindful.

Fall Shows for the insatiable intellect.

Chernobyl is a very dramatic, yet historically accurate, tale of disaster and its aftermath. Depicting the 1986 Russian nuclear disaster, this complete series is available to watch on HBO. The nuclear disaster occurred April 26, 1986 in the Ukrainian SSR. The current scope of the disaster puts 5 million people living in areas thought to have been contaminated by nuclear fallout. The nuclear meltdown occurred 30 years ago and the site has ironically become a popular tourist destination with millennials.

Brexit: The Uncivil War an HBO original movie is well worth watching if you haven't gotten the chance. This delightful historical account of the  Brexit evolution stars Benedict Cumberbatch. He shaved his head for his role as Dominic Cummings. Set in 2015-16, it chronicles the political landscape that became the Vote Leave campaign. This film makes understanding the lead up to Brexit feasible. It was released in the U.S. in January of this year on HBO.

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and other tales.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi fans have never had more to choose from. Fringe genres just two decades ago, Fantasy and Sci-Fi are now turning heads. From His Dark Materials to Demimonde and everything in between, Fantasy and Sci-Fi fans won't be disappointed this season.

HBO and BBC have given Phillip Pullman's novels a second chance. After the domestic U.S. box office failure of The Golden Compass, the rest of the trilogy was scrapped. The idea was revived, and this year we have the exciting result. His Dark Materials promises to live up to the high production quality of The Golden Compass which saw international success. HBO is hoping to find the right chord with American audiences this time around.

Demimonde is a diamond among rubies. There are so many good sci-fi and fantasy shows out there that it is hard to choose which to watch first. Demimonde was picked up in its entirety by HBO and with beloved J.J. Abrams at its helm, promises not to disappoint. With several other successful shows such as Lost, Person of Interest, and Felicity to his credit, chances are high that Demimonde will be a crowd-pleaser.

With HD quality shows at your fingertips thanks to StreamTV, you might never leave that hot relaxing bath!








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